Here you will find various online sustainable resources mentioned in Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth, according to topic. .coverBeaHobbitSavetheEarth

Hobbit Activisim Resources If you have a cause that you want to create a petition for, this is the place to do it, just like our Hobbit Hero, Sarah Kavanagh did!

GMO has lots of information on which products are GMO laden, and how to avoid them.

Stuff You Might Need

Cottage Craft Works; they have a bunch of hand-cranked kitchen gadgets, including a kit to convert KitchenAid mixers. Great source for everyday items from individual artisans. Good source to find recycled things.

Brush With Bamboo: they make bamboo toothbrushes that are compostable.

GlassDharma glass drinking straws for your Hobbit Dine-Out Bags

Shire Power Alternatives and DYI

SolarCity offers leasing options to homeowners.

Unitedwind has a leasing program, similar to the SolarCity deal.

Build your own wind turbine: instructions on how to do it yourself!

Plan for building your own ‘tiny house’ with mostly shipping pallets!

How to make a T-shirt shopping bag from old t-shirts!

The Solutions Project: to move the U.S. towards 100% sustainable, clean energy.

Solar Action Alliance is a group of environmentalists who want to spread the word about the most clean, reliable, and abundant source of renewable energy: the sun.

Hobbit Transportation

Zipcar the leader in car sharing.

HOURCAR which works in a similar way to Zipcar.

RelayRides is a fairly new company that arranges for car rentals between people, kind of like Craigslist, but with safeguards to protect your vehicle.

Bilbo’s Kitchen Tips

Sheryl’s Blog for full instructions on how to season a cast iron pan with flax seed oil.

Gamgee’s Garden Links

American Community Garden Association: for information on how to start and maintain a Shire Garden.

Seatle’s Food Forest Initiative: For information on how cities can use public property to feed their citizens.

How to make worm tea! A great natural fertilizer for your garden.

Hobbit Pallet Compost Bins

Hobbit Pallet Compost Bins

How to make pallet wood compost bins:

Plenty of photos to get you through the process.



Pollinator Partnership, and the Honey-Bee Haven, for more information on how bees are essential to the Shire garden, and how you can help protect them.

Anne Gibson’s Micro Gardening Tips: On how to garden in small spaces.

Eunice Baurmeester on Pintrest! Vertical garden ideas for Hobbits with limited space.

Fire Pit pictures: Photos of construction of Steve’s backyard firepit.

How to build a Hobbit-hole?

There are lots of sites about building Hobbit-holes and homes, either full-sized, or for playhouses. But most of them aren’t that helpful. Here is a really good video on a cob house in Texas. The method he used could be easily adapted to build an actual Hobbit-hole.

Shire Funding Sources

Kickstarter: If you have a creative project, this is probably the best crowdfunding site, and most popular.

Indiegogo: Indiegogo has fewer restrictions on the types of projects that can be funded, than does Kickstarter, so this is a good place for non-profits to check out.

GoFundMe: If you want to raise money, for any purpose, GoFundMe has the fewest restrictions on the type of project.

Hobbit Entertainment and Exercise

Middle Earth Day Facebook Page. Join all of the Shire Movement next September to celebrate a new Holiday, Middle Earth Day!

Hobbit style golf: Get back to the original game, like ole Bullroarer played it! Pasture Golf!, Get out there and find your own dragon gold! If you like riddles and mysteries, this is the adventurous game for you!

Hobbit Pet Care

BioBag: a compostable alternative for puppy poop.

Good design for a dog compost bin.

SwheatScoop: a more sustainable kitty litter.

World’s Best Cat Litter: another alternative.

Composting pet waste: The, and Glen Brook North Zero Waste

Last Ship to Valinor: in case, like Boromir, you run into a butt-load of orcs

Party Tree Funeral: if you want to become an Ent, or tree when you pass on to Vallinor, this company can arrange for that.

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