The No-Nonsense Guide to World Foodreview by Steve Bivans

The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food by Wayne Roberts

Steve’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you really want to know the naked, nasty truth about the world’s food system, you simply must read this book. I’ve read several books on this topic, or related to it, and none of them do the job as completely and efficiently as this one.

Mr. Roberts lays then entire system bare, on the table, and picks through it’s bones! The picture isn’t pretty, not by a long shot. He exposes the fallacies of ‘cheap food’, how the U.S. in particular has used agriculture to dominate the economies of the Southern Hemisphere for decades, and how the so-called attempts to ‘feed the world’ were really just a mask for exporting excess grain and undermining local economies in Africa, South America, and beyond. This drive to dominate has led to the destruction of the environment, the reliance on fossil fuels to keep the system going, and the impoverishment of nations all around the world.

But Roberts also sees positive movements towards a more sustainable world, especially through urban agriculture, focusing on organic, locally produced food. The solution, he argues–and he’s right by the way–is to decentralize food production, by putting it back in the hands of the people, and out of the hands of massive corporate farms. Food should be a human right, not a commodity.

If you’re interested in a new revolution, in overturning the corrupt political and economic systems, then you need to read this book.

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