Get Off Your Arse Tooreview by Steve Bivans

Get Off Your Arse Too by Brad Burton

Steve’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are times when I could have really used this damned book, times when I was definitely “on my arse,” blaming everyone and everything else for my problems and my lack of success. But as a general rule, I’m not a blamer, or at least I don’t sit on my ass to do it. No, I pretty much walked around and did my blaming. Burton’s book is kick ass, a kick in the seat of the pants, for sure.

I really, really liked this book. Why? Not because I needed a kick in the ass to start my own business–I’m an author myself–but because Mr. Burton tells his own story, and quite frankly, it’s not that different than my own, though my father was a preacher, not a heroin addict. Burton exposes our excuses for not working towards our goals and dreams. He pulls that damned rug right out from under you, then tells you there is no secret to success; it’s just hard work, and never giving up no matter what anyone says. Spit in their eye and keep going. When things look dire, keep going. When the bill collectors are lining your front walk, keep going.

The most important thing he tells you, however, is that success isn’t LUCK. That means if you work your ass off, the payoff will come. It might take years! It took him nearly 10 to get to the point where he could call himself ‘successful,’ but he got there, and so can you.

If you REALLY want to be successful, think there’s a secret formula that will launch you to the top of the heap, then you HAVE to read this book. Or, you can keep buying lottery tickets, working your slave-wage job, and dreaming of something better till they shovel in the dirt and plant the daisies over you.

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