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Review of ‘The Jig is Up’ by James Carr


The Jig Is Up: How Geothejigisupcover_rgia Can Lead The Way Towards A Sustainable Future by James Carr

Review by Steve Bivans: 4 of 5 stars

The roots of freedom are in the Garden.

If I had to sum up James Carr’s book in one sentence, that would be it. Of course, he has a lot more to say than that, and he says it well. Carr gives us a snapshot of what the new American Revolution might look like with his overview of urban agricultural efforts around his home city, Atlanta, Georgia. What he finds is encouraging. Contrary to the naysayers–who are mostly just sitting on their asses complaining–Carr finds many people resisting the corporate ‘food desert’ formula that most of us grew up experiencing. All around Atlanta there are individuals and groups working together, collectively, as a community, to build sustainable organic gardens to produce real food in places that really need it. But in fact, all places need it, even the suburbs, as Carr also points out.

Food, Carr argues, is the lynchpin to many of the Earth’s problems: poverty, crime, racism, political corruption, greed, and a host of others. Give people the power to feed themselves, and many of those problems with either disappear, or be greatly reduced. I agree with him completely. Food is the key, and the best way to take back control of our food is to grow it ourselves.

If you’re looking for a book to inspire you to start a grass-roots food revolution in your town or city, then you should definitely read The Jig Is Up.

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  1. I want a garden more than ever! Here’s another book to add to my ‘to read’ list. I am wondering, what about people who live in apartments in the berbs? Where I am, there is grass around the buildings. I wonder, could these lawns be turned into community gardens for the residents…What issues would this raise… Will give it some thought.

  2. You definitely need to read Carr’s book. He talks mostly about inner city gardens, community gardens, rooftops, greenhouses. I live in the city, too, but in a house with a decent size space for gardening, if a bit shady. We have a community garden nearby that we planted some stuff in this summer, and I just started talking with some neighbors about building a large community greenhouse. Of course, I said it needed to be a BIG ASSED greenhouse, to be precise. There are many different options for condo dwellers. I’m thinking about writing a very short book about Condo Hobbits.

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