The Church of MercyThe Church of Mercy by Pope Francis

My Hobbit-Wizard rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not Catholic. I was raised as a Protestant, but mostly I avoid organized religion altogether. The fact that I was compelled to read this book means you should as well. If you’re reading this review you’re either Catholic, or not, and you’re already in love with this pope. Just read the book. Sure, for me there was a bit much of the religious, but hey, he’s the Pope for Christ’s sake. What do you expect? But his message, or I should say messages, have a central theme that I agree with completely, and that is that it’s our job to look after our fellow human beings on this planet. His message is to all Christians, but it might as well be to everyone, and I think it is. If you want to call yourself a Christian, or a religious person of any kind, then you must have compassion for those who have so little. They are the path to salvation. I like this guy. He’s a Hobbit Pope, with a touch of ole Gandalf thrown in.

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