Table of Contents for Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth,

Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth on Goodreads.

Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth on Goodreads.

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Part I: Mordor is at the Door

  1.    Mordor is at the Door: Our Burning Shire
  2. The Power of ‘Story’: a Modern Hobbit’s Journey
  3. The Two Towers: Seeds of the Garden of Mordor
  4. Wormtongue & Theoden: the Corporate        Corruption of Politics
  5. Loss of Shire-ness: Violence and the       Disintegration of Community
  6. Orthanc-Oil Incorporated.: Our Waning Energy Resources
  7. Orc-ade & Sauron’s Slop: GMOs, Chemicals and the Poisoning of our Food Supply
  8. Houses of Healing: Disease, Allergies, and the Forgotten Kingsfoil
  9. Orcses Everywhere: Over Population and the Consumption of Nature
  10. Anduin Weeps & Fangorn Burns: the Destruction of Mother Nature
  11. March of the Ents: Saruman’s Treachery and the Dangers of Climate Change

Part II: The One Ring: a History of Why Things Are the Way They Are

  1. The One Ring: a History of Why Things Are the Way They Are
  2. In Search of Fame and Fortune: On the Finding of the Ring
  3. The History of the Ring, the Birth of Fear, and the Great Forgetting
  4. Council of Elrond: Fellowship and Foes
    1. Wizards, Scientists, and Philosophers
    2. The Nazgul/Ringwraiths
    3. Bombadil and Goldberry: Mother Nature Laughs at Us
    4. Elrond, Galadriel, and Legolas: Wisdom of the Leavers
    5. Gimli: Elf-friend and Defender of Middle Earth
    6. The Humans of Middle Earth: Bravery, Honor, and     Susceptibility
    7. Hobbits: One Small Step, Shaking the Towers

Part III: Saving the Earth Through Sustainable Shire Living

  1. The Scouring of the Shire
  2. Fire, a New Shire, and a Forgotten Ring
  3. Don’t Despair Denethor; Be a Hobbit!

    Being a Hobbit: the Inner Journey

  1. Being a Hobbit: the Inner Journey
  2. From Homo Sapiens to Homo Hobbitla: Sowing Shireness in the Mind
  3. Healthy Hobbit Minds
  4. Hobbit Work: for Love or for Fear?
  5. Healthy Hobbit Bodies: Preparing for Uncomfortable Adventures

    Hobbits in Action: Get Movin’

  1. Hobbits In Action: Get Movin’
  2. But I’m Only One Hobbit!
  3. A Short but Meaningful Life: a Modern Hobbit Hero
  4. Dancing on Saruman’s Grave: a New Model for Revolution
  5. The Rich and Generous Hobbit: How to Employ Smaug’s Gold to Save the Earth
  6. Frugal Hobbits: Saving the World, While Saving Money

   Making Your House a Hole

  1. Worms and Oozy Smells: Agents of Mordor in Your Hobbit-hole
  2. Bilbo’s Larder: Better Food, Better Life
  3. Breaking Up with Grandma: Saying Goodbye to the Brands We Love
  4. Frodo’s Kitchen: Feeding Unexpected Dwarves
  5. The Bath at Crickhollow: Washing Weary Hobbit Parts
  6. Saving Power in the Hobbit-hole
  7. Furnishing the Hobbit Hole: Comfy Chairs, and Cushy Beds
  8. Lobelia’s Closet: the Hobbit’s Wardrobe
  9. Getting There and Back Again: Hobbit Transportation
  10. Gamgee’s Victory Garden: Home-Grown Grub
  11. Your Backyard Lothlorien: a Sanctuary in the Trees
  12. Last Ship to Valinor: a Sustainable Hobbit Funeral
  13. The Happy Hobbit Family: Getting the Significants, Young’uns, and Four-legged Hobbits On the Road!

    Exporting Shireness: Building the Global Shire

  1. Barbequing With Lesbians: Letting Shireness Be
  2. To Bring Shireness to the World, and Spring Again to the Trees
  3. Friends and Neighbors: Starting Your Shire and Defeating Fear
  4. Planting Shire-Gardens: Toppling the Towers With Veggies
  5. Telling Stories: Finding Our Common Humanity
  6. Shire-Minded Business:Value for Profit
  7. Shire-Moot: Dis-spelling Saruman with Solidarity
  8. Shire Government: How Hobbits Should Rule
  9. Snapping Saruman’s Staff: the Dis-Corporation of Oligarchy
  10. The Pax Hobbitla: Peace and Justice in the Shire
  11. Ignorant Hobbits, Bad Hobbits: Education Reform in the Shire
  12. Hands of the King: Rebuilding the Houses of Healing
  13. New Wizardry: Science, Technology, and Saving the Planet
  14. Global Population in the New Shire

Conclusion: Spring Again in the Trees

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